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Southeast Asia Sea

Tự-Điển Địa Linh Nhân Kiệt Của Việt-Nam

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Việt-Nam Ngô-đình-Diệm Ngô-đình-Nhu (nhìn lại lịch-sử Việt-Nam 52 năm 1963-2015):


Cây có cội, nước có nguồn. Toàn dân Việt-Nam ngàn đời ghi nhớ ân đức Quốc Tổ Hùng Vương

Việt-Nam Ngô-đình-Diệm Ngô-đình-Nhu (nhìn lại lịch-sử Việt-Nam 53 năm 1963-2016)

Southeast Asia Sea

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southeast asia sea, biển Đông Việt Nam, south china sea, biển nam trung hoa, tranh chấp biển đông

Chuyên mục Southeast Asia Sea được thành lập nhằm khẳng định chủ quyền biển Đông từ hơn 10 ngàn năm của dân tộc Việt-Nam.

Từ hơn 10 ngàn năm qua, dân tộc Việt-Nam đã sống với biển, gần biển. Đây là nền văn minh chói sáng của tộc Việt.

Tình cảm gắn bó giữa biển và con người Việt Nam đã có chiều dài hàng 10 ngàn năm và tình cảm này vĩnh viễn không thể nào chia cắt được cho dù trải qua nhiều sự thay đổi của lịch sử.


Vung Ang - Formosa: A crime againts humanity committed by communists

Dear All:

This will be the biggest environmental catastrophe that befell the Vietnamese people in their history and this will certainly turn out to be the greatest crime against humanity that the goddamn corrupted communist leaders ever committed against their country. I bet you anything that millions of dollars were pocketed by Nguyen tan Dung, his cronies, the Politburo members, and the local provincial cadres in charge of inspection to allow the Chinese to build that awful industrial complex and dump highly toxic chemicals in the coastal waters that are so replete with valuable marine resources. These resources are so vital to the livelihood of so many Central Vietnamese people at a time when the rich fishing grounds around the Paracels Archipelago   are off limit to them because of the arrogant Chinese invaders, a maritime territory that belonged to them for thousands of years. No other country in the civilized non-totalitarian world allow something like that happen to their environment.

Can you believe the callousness of that goddamn steel complex high official who told the Vietnamese to choose between fish and steel? Only corrupted communist leaders like those in Viet Nam would condone such arrogance and despicable attitude and behavior of foreigners who show such utter   disregard of the interest of and utter contempt to the consideration of the native folks. This is totally unacceptable and utterly offensive to any governance that has accountability towards the people it governs, but not so with autocratic, arbitrary, and corrupted dictatorships. 

For a waste product to cause such a widespread and massive destruction to wild ocean life in a vast maritime stretch, it must be highly toxic and extremely lethal. This is no riverine pollution. It's oceanic contamination with incalculable repercussion up and down the food chain. And it's not a short-term effect either. The local expert scientist said the detrimental effect would linger for thousands of years and spread to other regions of the country due to the prevailing undercurrents. To be this bad after almost a decade of operations the pollution must have reached the point of saturation because even the dilution factor of an enormous body of moving oceanic water did not and could not alleviate the deadly toxicity of these toxic wastes. The ecology of that region must have been devastated and may not ever recover due to the residual effects of toxic chemicals. 

The lack of protein foods derived from maritime resources of that highly populated coastal region will severely and adversely affect the well-being, wellness, and welfare of regional people for generations to come. These provinces would be an excellent place to study the noxious effects of environmental degradation on a large scale. Expect cancer rate and other toxicoses to shoot straight through the roof in the near future in that region.

This is one more necessary and sufficient reason for people not to rely on communist orthodoxy for their salvation and one more compelling need to get rid of communist corrupted and unaccountable governance.

I cry for my people and for Mother Viet Nam that had given birth to such a bunch of wayward, corrupted, and deplorable children.

My Col Gary Tran


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